martes, 28 de enero de 2014

GeoDragon: 3D ISR

A sensor system designed to create 3-D reconstructions in near-real time and output high-resolution digital elevation models, LIDAR-like datasets, and wide area maps has been flown on an Arcturus T-20 Tier II UAV.

The system, called GeoDragon, is enclosed in a wing-mounted pod and is capable of high resolution 2-D and 3-D image capture. Urban Robotics in Portland, OR, which designed the sensor, says among its "unique aspects" are low weight (equating to longer endurance and loiter time,) small operational footprint on the ground (1 or 2 full size pick-up trucks,) a quick mount/dismount pod, quiet operation (the T-20 utilizes a modified 4-stroke engine,) and the ability to fly simultaneously with other payloads on the T-20, such as EO/IR.

GeoDragon imagery is post-processed using automated 3-D algorithms to rapidly generate large mapping and modeling datasets. Urban Robotics develops software and hardware solutions for 3-D ISR, remote sensing and geospatial applications, including collection, post-processing, and data management. The aircraft was built by Arcturus UAV in Rohnert Park, CA. Urban Robotics says the GeoDragon adds significant 3-D imaging and mapping capabilities to the T-20 UAV. The system is scheduled to be released in mid-2014.