domingo, 19 de febrero de 2017

The Drone Threat to Israeli National Security

Analysts continue to debate possible futures of UAV terrorism, and an emerging consensus suggests that violent non-state actors will increasingly seek to exploit drone technology for nefarious purposes.

For years, both Hizballah and Hamas invested considerable resources into developing their respective UAV programs. As the world’s most powerful militant organization, Hizballah maintains a fleet of UAVs equipped with surveillance and reconnaissance equipment, as well as munitions.

Since Hizballah’s military intervention in the Syrian Civil War, the organization has successfully utilized UAVs for a variety of functions, particularly intelligence gathering and coordinating military operations. Though Hizballah and Hamas maintain domestic drone production capabilities, both groups rely on external support for their more advanced UAVs. It is no mystery why Israeli national security personnel view UAV developments by militant groups with great concern.