domingo, 26 de febrero de 2017

Russian military will receive Svarog's VR helmet to control UAVs

Despite its cumbersome appearance, the device weighs 400 g, which is a standard weight of the current VR helmets.

"Now the Svarog is under trial and will be delivered to the Ministry of Defense as soon as possible during this year," Alexei Pechkin, a researcher at Mari State University, told the Izvestia newspaper. "We continue to improve the helmet and experiment with the characteristics of its lenses, but even now the resolution of the screen is twice that of its foreign rivals, while the angle of vision of Svarog is limited by the user's natural field of vision ".

The device has a set of sensors to measure the position of the eyes and the inclination of the head: The operator can vary the altitude of the UAV by raising or lowering his head as well as change the direction of the flight by moving only his eyes to a point of interest.

"Using a VR device to control an unmanned reconnaissance aircraft has many advantages over the traditional display and the joystick," says Maxim Chizhov, a VR expert. "An updated VR helmet gives the UAV operator a more realistic picture of the battlefield, allowing for faster decision making and more effective drone control at high speed."