jueves, 24 de octubre de 2013

UAV eyes in the Open Sky

Unmanned aircraft are currently in the crosshairs of legislators at varying levels of government. At issue is the ability of UAVs to conduct and record aerial surveillance over private property, an act which many consider a violation of personal privacy.

When we fly over our neighbor’s houses and peek into their backyards, we’re doing essentially the same thing as a UAV peering down with a camera. When a UAV plies the skies above us and peers down with its unblinking eyeball, it can see much more clearly because its optics far exceed even the most clear eyed of aviators.

The digital memory onboard the UAV or at its control site far exceeds even the most detail-oriented of brains.  Quite literally, the UAV’s operator has the capability to take what the aircraft sees and share it to a level that would humble even the most prolific gossip. Earlier this year, some states implemented laws restricting the taking and distributing of aerial imagery obtained by using UAVs.