jueves, 31 de marzo de 2016

Phoenix Aerial Target System

PHOENIX has been developed specifically for the Defence Industry as a high performance training solution for a variety of artillery and air defence missile systems. It is able to simulate a realistic high speed threat in excess of 280 kts, with enhancements including a Miss-Distance Indicator (MDI), Infra-Red and multi-spectral smoke and also the integration of a Luneburg lense system to meet the targeting requirements of a wide range of weapon systems, including electro-optical and radar target acquisition.

The heart of the system is UAV Navigation's Flight Control System (FCS), an onboard autopilot capable of controlling all the onboard systems, including Engine Control Unit (ECU), all servos, parachute release, datalink, pyrotechnics (smoke etc), Luneburg lens system and MDI.

In addition, a complete Ground Control Station (GCS) is provided with the Visionair mission control software which runs on a standard PC. Training on the system is around 5 days