miércoles, 10 de septiembre de 2014

New Stratasys 3D Manufacturing material

ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylateis an all-purpose thermoplastic 3D printing material used to produce prototypes, manufacturing tools and finished goods.

Owners of Stratasys 3D Production Systems in the UAV industry can now benefit from ASA's UV stability, strength and durability, as the company has introduced the new material to be used with its Fortus 360mc, Fortus 400mc and Fortus 900mc.

Stratasys Ltd. (Nasdaq:SSYS), headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Rehovot, Israel, is a leading global provider of 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions. The company's patented FDM®, PolyJet™, and WDM™ 3D Printing technologies produce prototypes and manufactured goods directly from 3D CAD files or other 3D content.

Systems include 3D printers for idea development, prototyping and direct digital manufacturing. Stratasys subsidiaries include MakerBot and Solidscape, and the company operates a digital-manufacturing service, comprising RedEye, Harvest Technologies and Solid Concepts. Stratasys has more than 2500 employees, holds over 600 granted or pending additive manufacturing patents globally, and has received more than 25 awards for its technology and leadership.