domingo, 28 de mayo de 2017

SK officials claims they did not violated NK airspace

An official from the South Korean military has dismissed the reporting from KCNA regarding that a South Korean Heron UAV had entered its airspace on four occasions this week, qualifying it as "untrue".

The NK claim is really laughly, bearing in mind that in recent weeks Pyongyang has ratcheted up military tension through a series of ballistic missile tests, which many observers qualify them as an evidence that NK is on course to develop a longer-range missile capable of perform a nuclear hit not only on SK but even the U.S. mainland.

Of course, again NK blamed the South for escalating military tensions, warning of a "merciless retaliatory response." ¿Should SK be worried about that threat? Well, NK month after month is firing missiles, so it is really stupid qualify the alleged violation as "grave", even more bearing in mind that in last 14th May NK has fired-tested a missile which experts think could have a range of 5.000 kilometers.

Last, but not least: If that claim is certain... and both countries are officially in war state... ¿Why NK did not shoot it down?