domingo, 28 de mayo de 2017

USA vs China

The China Foreign Air Reconnaissance Force has gained rapid development in the past ten years, counting actually with 154 aircrafts for electronic reconnaissance, maritime security, new series of electronic reconnaissance aircraft, AWACS air marshals series, and various types of remote long endurance UAVs.

Regarding the United States, in the Asia Pacific area they have a strong forward deployed air reconnaissance force with more than 100 ISR manned aircrafts, and about 250 different types of high-end ISR UAVs. Also, they have E-3 AWACS, E-8 joint stars and joint surveillance target attack radar systems, RC-135 electronic reconnaissance aircrafts, RC-12 series aircrafts, P-3C and P8 anti submarine patrol aircrafts, U-2 high-altitude reconnaissance aircrafts and 21 RQ-4A aircrafts.

Also, both powers have command and reconnaissance systems that can meet operational requirements: optical and radar survey and reconnaissance satellites, electronic reconnaissance and high speed photographic reconnaissance systems, mapping systems, database systems, command and combat mission planning systems, and many other systems. Therefore, it is evident there are fierce reconnaissance and anti reconnaissance confrontation between both potential enemy countries.

¿Why are both superpowers investing so much in reconnaissance and counter-reconnaissance systems? ¿May be certain the hypothesis of a future war between United States and China? The time will say it.